Commercial Work

Philadelphia Editorial Photographer

 While not the most financially rewarding, editorial photography can often be the most satisfying. Unlike advertising photography where you are required to adhere to a pre-approved layout, editorial work allows the photographer more creative freedom. 

The photo editor will generally give you a brief synopsis of the story, tell you how much space they want to fill and leave the rest up to you. On the other hand that much freedom can be  intimidating especially if they need something for a cover. A bit of fear going into a shoot can be a good thing. What we fear is the unknown so we ask questions, review back issues, look up our subject on the internet, scout locations, sketch a lighting diagrams until we have formulated a plan of attack. That's not to say that a shoot always works out exactly as planned, they seldom do, but it's a start.

 Even when things don't go as planned the editor still needs photos so you have to be flexible. Do the safe shots first, give the client what they asked for. Then, if time allows you can experiment. Shoot it wide, shoot it tight, shoot horizontals and verticals. The client will always appreciate having more to choose from.

Philadelphia Healthcare Photography

Photographs completed on assignment for hospitals, medical centers, research facilities and pharmaceutical companies throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. 

Philadelphia is home to some of the top rated medical centers and teaching hospitals including Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Hospital, Temple University Health System, Einstein Medical Center, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Children's Hospital, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and Lankenau Medical Center. 

Pharmacutical companies include, Smith Kline Glaxo, Merk, Johnson & Johnson and Teva. Images used for advertising, annual reports, brochures, websites and public relations.


Photography for clients in the education field including; colleges ,universities, trade schools, high schools, elementary and nursery schools, in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.

 Images used for annual reports, alumni magazines,recruitment brochures, web sites, newsletters and social media.

 Philadelphia has been an educational hub since the 1700’s beginning with the founding of the University of Pennsylvania by Benjamin Franklin. 

Philadelphia is known as home to some of the most prestigous colleges and universities in the world. University City is the educational hub of the region, featuring the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University,The Wharton School and University of the Sciences.

 Other institutions in area include; Temple University,Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia University,The Curtis Institute of Music, University of the Arts, Moore College of Art and Design, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Villanova University,Chestnut Hill College,Holy Family University as well as Community College of Philadelphia.


Industrial photography involves photographing the raw materials, design process, production, packaging and distribution of the client’s product in a way that communicates with the end user.

 A keen eye is needed to identify compelling visuals in an environment that may at first, appear un-photogenic as well as the technical ability to get the shot quickly and with minimal  interruption in the production process. 

Industrial locations can be dirty, noisy and if you are careless, dangerous. A hardhat, safety glass and earplugs are often required as well as a constant awareness as to what is going on around you. 

Industrial photography is often a mix of both studio and location work. Even the most basic product can be made alluring with the proper choice of background and composition combined with a creative approach to lighting. 

Industrial location photography whether it be in a warehouse, manufacturing facility, mill, mine or power plant is often about overcoming lighting challenges. Challenges such as low light and mixed lighting situations need to be addressed by filtering, augmenting or overwhelming the existing light.

 Industrial photography may also include portraits of executives, employee profiles and customer testimonials, in studio or on location. Industrial photography can appear in annual reports, brochures, trade advertising, public relations, social media or company website.

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