Professor Allie Miller of Rutgers University School of Business and student Randall Lovelace in the small craft room of Philadelphia's Independence Saport Museum.
Athlete running on treadmill, workout efficiency study In the Sports Medicine dept., College of New Jersey.
Two Philadelphia University Rams try to block a jump shot by opposing team during a home game at Gallagher Athletic Center. College basketball.
Two industrial design students with aquaponics project at RISD Nature lab, Providence Rhode Island.


A young girl proudly displays a seedling she has grown in science class at the Miquon School in Conshohocken, PA.
Children playing outdoors at the Miquon School in Conshohocken, PA. Founded in 1932, Miquon is a nursery through 6th grade progressive education school.
Graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia. Taken for The Chronicle of Higher Education.
Former mechanical engineering students at University of Pennsylvania, Daniel Mellinger and Alex Kushleyev of KMel Robotics taking one of their quadrotors on a test flight.
A Philadelphia University Biology student takes water sample from Saylor Grove pond in Fairmount Park.
 John Jackson, Professor at Annenberg School, University of Pennsylvania.
Wharton Professor Stewart Friedman, Director Wharton Work  Life Integration Project photographed for the Chronicle of Higher Education.
Professor and student use Heilodon at Philadelphia University Research Center. Helodians are used by architects and students of architecture to plot the movement of the sun at a given latitude, time of day and season.
Sweating manikin in environmental chamber at Philadelphia University Research Center used to test protective garments that protect soldiers against battlefield hazards and are comfortable to wear.
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