Addison, olde English, Son of Adam

Addison is a Philadelphia based corporate and editorial photographer specializing in environmental portraiture. His clients include magazines, corporations, design firms, universities, non profits and hospitals.

Often the assigning photo editor or art director is hundreds of miles away. Addison has the experience to find, the shot in the visual chaos of a location. He refers to this as practicing, “the art of exclusion." He has a strong eye for composition and color plus a bold approach to lighting.

He’s a people person; you have to be to do this kind of work. Armed with confidence and a sense of humor he places his subjects at ease. Through his patience and attention to detail he establishes an atmosphere of trust. Trust in the fact that he will do everything he can to make his subject look their best.

Addison lives in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia, is a backyard beekeeper and raises a few chickens.

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