Urban Beekeeping at Bok

Wynn beekeeping on Bok Building roof with Philadelphia skyline in background.

Wynn recently made the transition from amateur to professional beekeeper. He’s manager of the Philadelphia division of Alvéole, a Montreal based urban beekeeping company servicing major cities in both Canada and the United States. Alvéole beekeepers install and care for beehives for businesses and schools with the mission of reconnecting urban dwellers with nature through bees and fostering care for the environment.

With his ever growing client list I’m seeing less of  Wynn so I was happy to be able to spend some time photographing him on the  roof of the Bok building. Our first attempt was scrubbed due to high winds and thunder storms but we were treated to a gorgeous sunset on our second attempt.

View of South Philly from roof of Bok Building.

 Bok is the tallest building in South Philadelphia and occupies the entire block. The former home of the Edward Bok Vocational School now houses over one hundred businesses including restaurants, furniture makers, architects, jewelers, designers, videographers, bike shop and a pre-school. 70% of occupants are residents of South Philly, 48% are women owned businesses and 80% are self-owned.

Bok Bar Patrons

Wynn beekeeping on roof of Bok Building facing south.

View of Mifflin Street from roof of Bok Building.

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