Beekeepers of Philadelphia

For this photography project I had to look no further than my own backyard. Our son decided to keep bees and set up two hives at the back of our property. At first I was hesitant. Beekeeper suits are bright white with dark veils that obscure faces. Aside from the technical difficulties I have an aversion to being stung. I could not imagine working a camera wearing all that protective gear. My attitude changed on a sunny Saturday morning as I watched my son performing a hive inspection. The Day Lilies and Hydrangea that surrounded the hive were in full bloom; a spectacle that I knew from experience would be short lived. I grabbed my camera and began to photograph. After several sessions photographing my wife and son I began to seek out other beekeepers by posting on the Philadelphia Beekeepers Facebook page. The response was positive yielding many more subjects and sessions.

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