Eiffel Tower, Paris France

Wynn Goes to Paris

Shoots Film

  As a child my son’s passions were art, architecture and soccer, photography was his Dad’s domain. It wasn’t until I taught a pinhole workshop at his school that he made his first photograph. Later, I gave him a 35mm point …

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Wynn’s First Holiday Photo

Wynn was only 10 months old when I shot this photo for our Christmas card. He couldn’t walk or stand on his own yet. The toy truck not only fit the theme but it gave Wynn something to climb up …

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Wynn, as Edward Scissorhands

It’s hard to believe the Tim Burton film, Edward Scissorhands was released nearly two decades ago. I guess that’s an indication of a true classic. I was flipping through the channels one evening, trying to find something both Wynn and …

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