Dr. Deb Delaney, University of Delaware

 Dr. Deb Delaney, University of Delaware, Presenting “Take Time to Smell the Roses.”


Pro Bono, Latin, meaning “for good.” When it comes to shooting for free, you need to do what feels right for you. If there is a cause you believe in and you want to donate your time and expertise, that’s up to you. In my case, I volunteered to document the 7thannual Philadelphia Beekeeper’s Symposium held at Temple University. Everyone working the Symposium was a volunteer. I had also donated several photos to be included in the program, one of which appeared on the cover.


Samuel Ramsey

Samuel Ramsey, University of Maryland, dispelling beekeeping myths.

My wife, my son and I are beekeepers and we have benefited greatly from the educational programs offered by the guild.  We have become friends with many of the guild members and I have been photographing them for my Beekeepers of Philadelphia series. It was good to see previous subjects and to meet new potential ones.

I got to a attend a Symposium that I would have paid to go to otherwise. I received photo credit in the program and on social media as well as links to my website. Both the president and the communications coordinator thanked me at the event and again later, by email. I received the satisfaction of knowing that in a small way, I am helping other beekeeper’s and maybe the honey bee population at large.

If you have ever considered keeping bees why not check out Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild website for more information and maybe even register for a class!


Meghan Milbrath

Meghan Milbrath imparts knowledge from 25 years of beekeeping.




Davey Rance handled the AV.

Davey Rance handled the AV.


Van Gogh inspired hive.

Van Gogh inspired hive raffle.


registration desk

Edian and Laura, manning the registration desk.