I attended Richard Power Hoffman’s Time Lapse Filmmaking Workshop at Scribe Video Center here in Philadelphia.

After completion of his feature film Invisible Mountains, which took him eight years to complete, Richard wanted to find a way to tell his stories that didn’t involve a crew, expensive equipment, and a cast. Using one inexpensive, yet high resolution still camera, Richard perfected his technique and began making time-lapse films comprised solely of still frames.

Fridays at the Farm: A 19 minute film comprised of nearly 20,000 still frames taken during the growing season at a local community supported organic farm.

Prayer for Philadelphia: A 3 minute film comprised of 5000 still frames, Grand prize winner of the Great Expectations 2007, Hopes and Fears film competition.

Media, PA: A 3 minute, 5000 frame piece, 2nd place winner of Ikea’s, Hometown Make Over Contest winning a $5,000 gift certificate for nine business’s in Media.

Seeds of Spring: A test of different techniques for an upcoming children’s film about the growing cycle of a tomato on a farm. Shot in Full Dome format. To be projected onto planetarium domes! Sounds a lot more exiting than the 16mm, black and white, films we use to watch in grade school back in the stone age, Oh yeah, does anyone Remember Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? Sorry, I digress.

In 1998 Richard started Coyopa Productions in Media, PA visit his website to read reviews, and view trailers.