After nine years, two in nursery, one in kindergarten then first through sixth grade, Wynn is now a graduate of The Miquon School. He and ten of his classmates received their long awaited, individualized, hand made diplomas, under a tent on the woodchip field.

The two-hour event included speeches by each graduate, parent speech by Kevin McDonnell, speech by board president Marcea Driscoll, reading and presentation of diplomas by 6th grade teacher, Erica Nelson and Principal Julia Finney, songs “Where You Lead, I Will Follow,” and “My Wish,” were preformed by the graduates, Tony Hughes preformed “The Celebration Anthem” both graduates and alumni performed “Fields of Childhood” everyone joined in on “Miquon in my Heart” and the ceremony concluded with “My Donkey Flies Sideways” performed on kazoo, by the fifth graders, as the graduates exited the tent.

My wife and I are proud of the young man Wynn has become, we’re grateful for the part Miquon has played in shaping his character. We’d like to thank the staff, the teachers and the other families for the wonderful journey. While we’ll miss Miquon, we know there will many opportunities to visit in the future. You never really leave Miquon. If we had it to do all over again, we’d make the same choice.

As a long time Miquon Parent, I have photographed many graduation ceremonies for the school, but this year would be different, our son would be one of the graduates. Everyone understood when I declined the invitation to photograph graduation this year, as I thought I’d just sit back and take it all in, but after a few days I realized, that more than any other graduation, I had to shoot this one. I’m glad I did, documenting the event allowed me to actively participated in Wynn’s graduation.

Congratulations, to the Miquon class of 2009!