SB2, John Harrington

John Harrington speaking at SB2

John Harrington speaking at SB2 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Despite appearances this is not a supermodel, sporting the latest in men’s fashion, it’s Washington, D.C. based John Harrington presenting at SB2, Philadelphia. Sorry, couldn’t help myself, to me, it looks like a runway shot.

John’s presentation is entitled, Critical Tools for Your Photography Business. Not tools as in, a monkey wrench and a hammer, but tools like, invoices, estimates, contracts and releases. Often referred to as the paper trail, not to be confuse with the Oregon Trail, The Appalachian Trail or the Cimmaron Trail. John also stressed the importance of registering your images with the copyright office and walked us through the process.

John is the author of “Best Business Practices for Photographers,” and is considered my many to be a must have reference book for the professional photographer.

John will be presenting in Chicago, and will also be doing one-on-one consultations on getting your paperwork together. You need to register for the consultations. A 1/2 hour consultation is $75.00.