Blake Discher presenting "I Stink at Negotiating."

“I Stink at Negotiating” Blake Discher

  Blake Discher stopped in Philadelphia to zap attendees with superhuman negotiating powers,”Hey, you missed me!” Blake was on the road with two of his lectures from the ASMP Strictly Business 2 seminar, “I Stink at Negotiating” and ” Is …

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Judy Hermann speaking at SB2

SB2, Judy Hermann

On Saturday morning, Judy Hermann of Hermann + Starke, started off the SB2 general session with her first presentation “Setting the Stage” an overview of the founding principles behind strictly Business 2. Judy credits much of her success today, to …

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 Eugene Mopsik speaking at Strictly Business 2

Strictly Business 2, Philadelphia

I received an invitation from ASMP, Executive Director, Eugene Mopsik, to be “Photographer of Record,” for  Philadelphia Strictly Business 2. The third stop, on its four city tour. As an ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) member and photographer in …

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