Take a Snow Day!

Tubing at Gorgas Park

Tubing at Gorgas Park in Roxborough

The Winter storm that crippled much the Mid-West, moved into Philadelphia last night. It began as snow then changed to freezing rain by morning.

Compared to other parts of the country we’re doing alright, we still have electricity and heat. We also had plenty of warning as the storm made it’s way east. I didn’t have an assignment today, my wife didn’t have to go into the office and Wynn’s school, Miquon was closed.

Despite the freezing rain, I took Wynn over to Gorgas Park where we met up with with his friends, Jack & Nick, to do some sledding. The sledding didn’t last long as the sleet changed to rain, turning the snow to slush. The kids got soaked, but at least we got out of the house for a little while.

Jack and Nick came home with us to play computer games and eat bagel bite pizza, while their snowsuits dried by the wood stove.

For the image above, I set my camera to aperture priority automatic and set the 70-200 zoom to its smallest aperture of f/22. The small aperture allowed me to use a long shutter speed (1/30 of second in this case) to show motion as I panned along with the subject. I lowered the color temperature in Photoshop to turn the snow blue.