Scanner as camera

My son Wynn, Looking more like a creature from John Carpenter’s, Sci-Fi/Horror classic, ,”The Thing,” than his usual self.

I’ve always wanted to try and use my desktop scanner for more than just scanning prints, tear sheets and the occasional negative or slide, I wanted to scan 3D objects. I have seen some really nice still lifes created this way, bouquets of flowers, sections of fruit and such but I’m always more interested in images of people.

I began with a few self portraits. The results were not so flattering, my nose was bulbous and even larger than normal and it looked like my ears were on the back of my head! Thinking maybe I should try again but with better subject matter, I called Wynn into my office. I explained to him what I doing and asked him if I could scan his face. Being a typical twelve year old, he was quite eager to be scanner fodder, even after seeing what it had done to me.

The first few scans were kind of funny, Wynn had a nose like a pig, from pressing it to the glass but the “Eureka” moment came when Wynn turned his head during a scan. I liked the result. On the next scan I instructed Wynn to turn his head to one side and wait until the light reached his nose then slowly turn his face to the other side.

Scanned using an Epson 3200 which produced a 43.5 mb tiff file.