Leslie Burns-Dell

SB2, Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua

I first became aware of Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua from her posts on several of the photo related internet forums that drop into my inbox on a daily basis. I didn’t know who she was but found myself flagging her posts and …

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Joyce Tenneson speaking

SB2, Joyce Tenneson

Saturday evening’s keynote speaker was Joyce Tenneson. Members of the audience were given a sneak peak at her upcoming book, A Life in Photography, featuring images taken over a 40 year time span, from 1968 to 2008. Voted one of …

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Blake Discher speaking

SB2, Blake Discher

Blake Discher, Firefly Studios, is a corporate, editorial and advertising photographer based in Detroit. Blake gave a presentation on pricing and negotiating, conducted a workshop on optimizing your web site and gave private web site consultations. You must sign up …

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