“Shrimp” #2

Veterinarian holding rescue dog

Veterinarian holding dog rescued from puppy mill.

Here’s Shrimp being held by Melanie, one of the vets that was caring for him.

I’ve always liked photographing people in hallways. Using a telephoto lens not only provides a flattering perspective for portraits but in this case, compresses the hallway and turns the door frames into geometric lines that frame my subjects. The telephoto, with it’s limited depth of field, allowed me to have both Shrimp and Melanie in focus against a soft background.

For this shot I used a similar lighting set up as the one of Shrimp on the exam table. A Canon 580 speedlight into a silver umbrella, mounted on a stand and placed high and to the right of my subjects. The wall to Melanie’s right provided just the right amount of fill. To separate Melanie from the background, a second Canon speedlight was mounted on a stand and placed about 10 feet behind her and pointed directly at her back. I zoomed the flash head to the 105mm setting and added a Lumiquest snoot to focus the light on Melanie and keep it off of the walls. Both flashes were fired by an on camera Canon STE2 infrared transmitter. I had to bump the ISO up to 400 to get the f/5.6 ( Shrimp & Melanie in focus) and the 1/60th (I can hand hold this) shutter speed and allow the ambient light to provide detail in the hallway.