Homage to Monet

My son Wynn, his friend Jack, and I participated in the National Wildlife Federations, Great American Campout, hosted by The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education. The campout was promoted to get children and parents to turn off their computers, TVs, iPods, cell phones, Wiis, and other high tech devices and spend a night with Mother Nature.

After setting up our camp site, I grabbed my Canon G9 and Gitzo reporter, tripod and we hit the trails. First stop was Springhouse Pond. The reflections in the water reminded me of Claude Monet’s impressionistic paintings of water lilies. I made a series of photographs while Wynn and Jack tried catching frogs.

After processing the image normally, I decided I wanted to make them look even more like Monet’s by using the Match Color feature in Photoshop. I did a search for Monet on Google Images, and found one of his paintings with colors I thought would work well with my pond photos and then copied it to my desktop. I opened the jpeg and my pond photo in Photoshop. Making sure my photo was active, I went to Image> Adjustments > Match Color. In the Match Color menu I selected the Monet jpeg as the source. I played with the Luminance and Color intensity sliders and when I liked what I saw, I clicked OK.