Photojournalist Dirck Halstead speaking

Photojournalist Dirck Halstead speaking at University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

While Dirck Halstead has photographed more Time Magazine covers than any other photographer, he may be best know for his image of President Clinton and Monica Lewinski embracing.

Dirck wasn’t the only photographer covering the event, but he was the only photographer shooting film. At the time the relationship between the President and Ms. Lewinski, was not known. In an effort to save space on their hard drives, the digital shooters deleted anything that did not seem newsworthy at the time.

After the story broke, a headshot of Monica, wearing a red beret, appeared in the media. Dirck thought her face looked familiar. He hired a researcher to go through the thousands of transparencies from the event. On the third day of searching she found it. There was only one frame, but it was perfect.

Dirck’s Presentation was an ASMP Philadelphia event and was held in the Levitt Auditorium at The University of the Arts. His presentation contained images of the Vietnam War, and his years of covering the White House from Richard Nixon to to Bill Clinton.

In 1997 Dirck started The Digital Journalist, an online, journalism magazine. Dirck realized the massive changes that where about to take place as a result of the World Wide Web. In 2000 he started the Platypus Workshops to teach photojournalists how to shoot HD video for television.