Happy New Year!

It has become an tradition in our family to spend New Years Eve with my wife’s sister and husband in Upstate New York. We go to the city of Binghamton for their First Night celebration. First Night consists of live music, plays, puppet shows and other performances throughout the evening, ending with a bonfire and fireworks at midnight.

I had hoped to upload a bonfire image to the blog but the temperature was in the single digits and the wind chill made for a bone chilling evening. After catching a puppet show, a poetry slam and a Hip-Hop performance we decided to skip the bonfire and fireworks. We went back to the house and watched the ball drop at Times Square, on the TV.

I decided to upload a comic that I think pretty much sums up the last year for a lot of us. “What the Duck” is from the mind of AAron Johnson. You can click on the title to visit ‘WTD’ site and start the new year with a few good chuckles.

Used with permission.