Blake Discher presenting "I Stink at Negotiating."

Blake Discher presenting at ASMP in Philadelphia.

Blake Discher stopped in Philadelphia to zap attendees with superhuman negotiating powers,”Hey, you missed me!”

Blake was on the road with two of his lectures from the ASMP Strictly Business 2 seminar, “I Stink at Negotiating” and ” Is your Web Site Making You Money?”

Do you panic when you have to discuss money with a client? Do you talk too fast, ramble or sound indignant? Do you give in too fast to a lower price or broad licensing terms?

Seminar Topics:

o Learn how to prepare for a negotiation.
o Researching a client.
o Increasing your clout
o Listening skills
o When is it time to walk away?
o The Follow-up is critical.

Next Stops for “I Stink at Negotiating.”

9/16/09 Cleveland, OH

9/24/09 Kansas City

11/13/09 Denver, Co

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