Manayunk Canal Time Lapse

Still image from Manayunk Canal Time Lapse. 0:41

I volunteered to work on a video crew producing a piece about the Manayunk Canal. The video is being produced as part of an ongoing series sponsored by The Scribe Video Center. “Precious Places” is a three year program that has teamed 40 neighborhood groups with filmmakers and consultants to make oral history-based documentaries that explore the political and cultural history of public spaces in their neighborhoods.

The Canal was built in 1819 to transport raw materials and finished products to and from Manayunk’s textile mills. It was in use until the 1930’s when the mills moved out of the city. The purpose of the video is to raise awareness of the historic and recreational value of the canal, hopefully securing funding to continue it’s restoration.

We had only one video camera so while I waited my turn, I shot production stills and time-lapse sequences. I had taken a workshop at Scribe on time-lapse photography with Richard Power Hoffman. I realized this was the perfect opportunity to practice time-lapse and have it included in the video.

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