It’s hard to believe the Tim Burton film, Edward Scissorhands was released nearly two decades ago. I guess that’s an indication of a true classic.

I was flipping through the channels one evening, trying to find something both Wynn and I could watch when I stumbled on Tim Burton’s,” Edward Scissorhands.” Not long into the movie Wynn said, “Dad, I know what I want to be for Halloween!”

While I was glad he had decided on a costume, a decision that seems to get more difficult each year, I also felt some trepidation. We had always preferred to make Wynn’s costumes rather than buy them off the shelf and it was usually me that had to pull them together.

After the movie, I did a Google Image search for Edward Scissorhands. As I expected, I found quite a few stills from the movie. I also found images of everyday people, who had attempted the same transformation, some better than others. The basic get up would require; a black leather jacket, black pants, black boots, and lots of belts with big buckles. Make up would consist of lots of hair gel, and some white, black, and red face paint.

The most important aspect of the costume, the scissorhands, where sourced at the local, fly by night, Halloween shop. I found a jacket and multiple belts at the Salvation Army and luckily, his boots from last years “Igor”costume still fit. Thanks to my Hair Stylist Chrissy, for the super strong “Disrupt” hair gel.

I lit Wynn with one bare Lumedyne head fired by a Pocket Wizard. I dragged the shutter to burn in the background. I would have loved to have placed another light, right behind him, to accentuate his hair but Wynn was too anxious to go “Trick or Treating,” to wait for me to set up another light.