Mock magazine Cover "Vanity Fur"

Vanity Fur

This mock magazine cover was shot for The Mainline Animal Rescue. It is a parody of the December 1979 cover of Rolling Stone which featured Bette Midler. She had just starred in The Rose, a film loosely based on the …

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Rescued Pitbull named "Oogy


Oogy was only four months old when he was tied to a stake and used as bait for a Pit Bull trained for dog fighting. His jaw was crushed and the left side of his face was torn off, including …

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Veterinarian holding rescue dog

“Shrimp” #2

Here’s Shrimp being held by Melanie, one of the vets that was caring for him. I’ve always liked photographing people in hallways. Using a telephoto lens not only provides a flattering perspective for portraits but in this case, compresses the …

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