Rescued Pitbull named "Oogy

Rescued Pitbull named “Oogy,” used as bait in dog fighting.

Oogy was only four months old when he was tied to a stake and used as bait for a Pit Bull trained for dog fighting. His jaw was crushed and the left side of his face was torn off, including his ear. Afterward, he was thrown in a cage and left to bleed to death.

Shortly after Oogy’s ordeal, acting on a tip, police raided the facility. They found Oogy and rushed him to Ardmore Animal Hospital where Dr. James Bianco stopped the bleeding and stitched him up, saving his life.

After weeks of rehabilitation and foster care, a family adopted Oogy. They gave him his name because in his original state, he was just plain “Ugly.” Not feeling ugly to be a suitable name they settled on Oogy.

First thought to be a Pit or pit-mix, it became apparent on his first follow up visit, that at 70 pounds, Oogy wasn’t a Pit Bull he’s actually a Dogo Argentina. Dogos were bred to hunt mountain lions in “You guessed it,” Argentina.

While Oogy’s life had been saved, and he now had a loving family, he needed further surgery to deal with complications from his injuries. As the dog grew the scar tissue spread. He could no longer close his left eye and it wept constantly. His lip was pulled up and back. Dr. Bianco rebuilt Oogy’s face. He removed the scar tissue and grafted the skin until only a hairline scar remained. When the owners went to pay the bill Dr. Bianco told them Oogy was a no-pay.

I was asked to photograph Oogy by The Mainline Animal Rescue to help raise awareness on the horrors of dog fighting.