Since we’re on the subject of composites here’s another one. The background image was shot at The Fayette County Fair in western Pennsylvania.  I grew up near there and going to the Fair was an annual rite of summer.

I felt the need to re-connect with family members in that part of the state so I planned a visit that would coincide with the dates of the Fair. Aside from me revisiting my youth, I wanted Wynn to get a feel for a rural county fair. In addition to the carnival with its sideshows and enough rides to make you barf your corndog, there are pig races, tractor pulls, truck pulls, motocross racing and a rodeo depending on what night of the week you decide to go. There’s also a pavilion for musical acts, we heard The Clarks, a solid rock n’ roll band from Pittsburgh. You can listen to cuts from their new album “Restless Days” on their website. I’m listening to them now as I write this.  My favorite song so far is “Midnight Rose.” Of course, you can download them on iTunes.
I originally wanted to photograph my neighbor John dressed as a carnie barker but couldn’t pull the costume together in time so I used Wynn.  I photographed him on a white background late in the evening when the sun was low in the sky to match the light of the sideshow image. I placed a white reflector on Wynn’s left side for some fill. I used the double high pass again, plus added noise for that comic book look.  Just something I need to get out of my system but I do like it on this image.