Sky Glider at sunset, Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Sky Glider at sunset, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, California

Here’s one from the archive. Taken at sunset at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. My wife’s best friend from college, Pooz, had moved to California after graduation. They stayed in touch via telephone, emails and exchanged gifts on birthdays and for the holidays. It’s one of those rare friendships that survive both time and distance. My best friend Peter and his family also moved to California so when it was time to plan our summer vacation, it was not hard to pick a destination. We’d spend the first week visiting Pete and his family near Los Angeles, then head north along the coast to visit Pooz. We spent one day with Pooz and her partner, Brent, riding the rides and strolling the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Pooz, had told our son Wynn, we were going to a lecture on global warming, and though he was okay with that, he was pleasantly surprised when he realized we were going to the boardwalk instead. So was I. It was a vacation after all.