Once in a Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Multiple exposure of Blue Moon


     Photos of last nights Blue Moon, the second full moon in the month of August with the first one having been August 1st. The only time a month can have a blue moon is when the first full Moon happens in the first few days of the month and when it consists of 31 days. Sometimes February with only 29 days has no full moons at all. Some people consider the third full moon of a four full moon season to also be a Blue Moon. Whichever you prefer it still describes a season with more full moons than usual. There are occasions when the moon does appear to be blue, usually caused my smoke from volcanoes or fires. Two full moons in the same month happens approximately once every three years, that’s where we get the expression “once in a blue moon,” meaning something that doesn’t happen often. 

Neil Armstrong in space suit

Neil Armstrong

Dedicated to Neil Armstrong, August 5th, 1930 – August 25th, 2012