Eiffel Tower, Paris France

Wynn Goes to Paris

Shoots Film

  As a child my son’s passions were art, architecture and soccer, photography was his Dad’s domain. It wasn’t until I taught a pinhole workshop at his school that he made his first photograph. Later, I gave him a 35mm point …

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Pinhole photography diptych

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2017

Backyard Pinhole Photography: Diptych   –> Sunday, April 30, was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Anyone who takes a pinhole photograph on WPPD can upload one image to their gallery which hosts over a thousand images from 53 countries. There is …

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Pinhole photograph of two girls

Megan & Melissa, Pinhole photograph

During his long summer vacation, we enroll our son Wynn, in several, week long camps. They’re usually nature study or soccer camps. We’re careful not to over do it, leaving at least a week between camps for unstructured leisure time …

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