King of the Hill, Philadelphia International Bike Race

King of the Hill, Philadelphia International Bike Race in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia.

Let me start off with errors and omissions concerning my last post. Seems like there was a major bank sponsor for The Philadelphia International Bike Race. Since I do not bank there and they did not hire me to shoot it , let’s just say it was a big bank. Secondly, the photo in my previous post was from the woman’s Liberty Classic, run concurrently with the men’s race but a few laps shorter. Now, with a clear conscience, I will continue.

At 9:00 am, my wife, son and I, walked the five block to “The Wall” and staked out our usual shady spot, on a bend, that allowed us a good view of the riders as they began their ascent.

We caught the men riders on their first lap and about 10 minutes later the women, as their race started after the men. My wife and son stayed for two laps then headed down to Main Street to do some shopping between laps. I stayed where I was, knowing that if I moved chances were someone would take my spot. I shot several laps until the sun moved and all my shade was gone. The temperature was over 90 degrees with humidity to match. I was getting uncomfortable, I can’t even imagine how the riders felt.

I walked two blocks to my friend Neil’s house to join the party and meet up with my wife and son. I took photos of his friends and their kids for Neil’s photo album that chronicles 15 years of his bike race party. My way of thanking Neil for inviting us yet again.

After 156 miles in 6 hours, 14 minutes, Matti Breschel of Denmark, won the sprint across the finish line in the closest race ever for this event.