What’s In A Name?

                                                                                                                                                                             Leah & Addison Geary

I was named after my paternal grandfather, Addison Eicher Geary. I’m glad my parents took a pass on Eicher. The name Addison is from Olde English and means son of Adam. Sounds a little Narnian, dosen’t it?

As a kid I wanted to fit in so I used my middle name, Allen. It didn’t seem unusual for someone to refer to my Grandfather as Addison, the name just seem to fit him. It wasn’t until my first day at Art School did I dare to be Addison. That was my first name after, all and If you can’t have an unusual name in art school, where can you have an unusual name?

I read in Reader’s Digest that Addison was the 8th most popular name for newborn girls in 2008. I tried to register addison at Zenfolio.com only to find MY name had already been taken. I clicked on the site to find dozens of photos of a newborn baby girl.

Addison can also be a last name. The Addison’s were Alan Young’s neighbors in the 1960’s sitcom Mr. Ed. Bruce Willis played David Addison in Moonlighting, a sitcom from the 80’s, also starring Cybil Shepard. Almost everyone has heard of Addison-Wesley publishing. There’s even an Addison’s disease, which I know nothing about and I don’t care to know either.

There is an Addison street in Taylor, WV, Los Angeles, CA, Alameda, CA, Edgefield, SC, Washington, PA, Cook, IL, Oakland, MI, Miami, OH, Klamath, OR and even one right here in Philadelphia.

Okay,Enough about me, now let’s talk about you!