Volvo 544 art car

Farewell Marblecar: Art Car Finds a New Home

Volvo 544 exiting the same hedgerow it entered 19 years ago.   –> Last week we said goodbye to our old friend the Marble Car. After sitting in our neighbor’s backyard for nearly two decades, the 1964 Volvo 544 Sport …

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Ameraucana chicken

Fowl Play at Manayunk Farm: Backyard Chickens

  Ethel the Easter Egger, Ameraucana         “Winter’s coming.” The days are short and though temperatures have been higher than normal, it’s still chilly outside. Assignments have slowed to a trickle and the beekeeper project is on …

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Wall of Rememberance: Berlin Wall Memorial

Close-up from Berlin Wall Memorial Framed in a rusty, steel shadowbox are the black and white portraits of people who lost their lives attempting to cross the wall from East to West Germany. Their names, birth and death dates are …

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Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

Empty Nesters: Sacrificing Your Only Son For Art

Late afternoon on Sand Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine –> The time finally came, we knew it would but we tried not to dwell on it, that time when your only child goes off to college and leaves you and …

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Installing packages at Flat Rock Apiary

Flat Rock Apiary: Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild Nuc Program

–> Beekeepers in both North America and Europe are experiencing high rates of overwintering losses.  The reason for this steep decline in bee population, which has become known as Colony Collapse Disorder, remains the subject of much debate. Some factors …

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Vitra Slide Tower

Vitra, Weil am Rhein, Germany: Architecture

Slide Tower by Carsten Holler Founded by Willi and Erika Fehlbaum, Vitra began making office furniture in 1957 licensing the rights to the Herman Miller collection, primarily the designs of Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson and Verner Panton. …

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Bernauer Strasse in front of Berlin Wall

Fall of The Berlin Wall: 25 Years Later

–> –> November 9th 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The 96 mile long , 12 foot high concrete barrier completely surrounded The German Democratic Republic (East Berlin), cutting it off not only from …

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Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster

Killing Kristoph: What Do You Do When Your Hen Turns Out to be a Rooster?

–>   Kristoph Silver Laced Wyandotte We should have figured it out earlier. The chick’s large size and aggressive behavior toward the other chicks were early clues, but we had ordered from a reputable supplier who we assumed had the …

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Street scene, Freiburg Germany

Freiburg Germany: Greenest City in the World?

–> This past August we took a family vacation to visit friends in Freiberg, Germany. Nestled in the Black Forest, Freiburg is one of the greenest cities in the world thanks to its tram system, cycle paths, solar paneled rooftops, …

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Carnival of Souls

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: Photographing in Low Light

Laurel Hill Cemetery presents the  1964 horror classic “Carnival of Souls”  as part of their Cinema in the Cemetery series. ISO 3200, 1/25th at f/4 using Canon 24-105 f/4 IS The following is based on the premise that we will …

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